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Remember, no one has ever used it on her and that is why you are up to bat. Many of the advice aren’t heard in mainstream and Doc Love says that’s why anyone just be reading this book. Whenever a girl asks you a hard question about anything, go right into your Gabriel Iglesias or Chris Rock shtick. You want to come back with a snappy answer to every silly love question a babe throws at you. For example, recently in an article on you mentioned that “sitting in the car” is very bad when you’re on a date. I can attest from an experience I had some weeks before I read that article that you were 100% accurate!

The key is, to leave your ego and past out of this. If you will do this, I’ll show you how to win the ” battle of the hearts.” Remember, do all that I say and you will be accepted, loved, and kept by Miss Right. I’m sorry to hear about your past dating disasters.

Caprice should wonder if or when Tom is going to call. Challenge puts the fear of rejection on the other foot , and ups the woman’s Interest Level when you are not around (in her face trying to lower it!). The key is, whatever graee you put on her Interest Level when you first meet, it has to be higher when you call and ask her for your first date. Because you waited five to nine days before you called . Two out of five women who give you their numbers will be Professional Daters .

“One step at a time, Bro.” The key is, this is the key. The old fashioned way, it’s earned – Barney. Long-term wise, trust raises both Interest Levels – Doc Love.

Wait, She’s Pushing Him Away? What Does Doc Coach Him To Do???

But you must study, practice, and always ask for the home phone number. Tom calls Caprice on the following Monday and doesn’t say his last name, or where they met. ” You get the opportunity to say, “Excuse me, I must have the wrong number(you do!)”, and hang up! ” Think of all the mutual funds you can now afford! The male ego cannot face the fact that women with high Interest Level cannot forget you in five to nine days. Men with high Interest Level cannot face the fact that if she has positive Interest Level there is nothing to worry about.

By using the big man’s momentum and weight against him. Triangle The “System” allows a man and woman to become soul mates – Brother Love. The time has come for men to stand up – Kimbell. What you do to get her, is what you do to keep her – Sal “The Fish” Love. If you are asking, “Doc, but doesn’t a guy want a confident woman, and you don’t have that on your triangle?” Of course, but it is fourth on her list.

Unfortunately, my friend, there’s nothing you can do to hook this girl. You had your chance with her and it’s gone. Too bad for you that you’ve already fallen for her. And don’t go getting all Macho Boy and threatening to break anybody’s legs.

How to Handle the Situation When You’re Each Seeing Other People

These are only fleeting feelings, but it shows how powerful her radar is. But when you have one, you can get them all. This is why you cannot have too many home phone numbers. Gentleman to talk about other women on such a personal basis? ” – then follow in a high pitched feminine bitchy-tone, “After all, it is a small world? ” If she is structured, and/or has low Interest Level, she will blow a cork!

You call at 6,7,8,9 p.m., and no answer. You do it Monday, Tusday, Wednesday, and reddit get that same silly message. You have a control freak or screener on your hands.


The “experts” call it self – esteem, or “How much do you love yourself? ” Doc Love calls it, “How much are you going to let her get away with? ” Remember, without her respect, you have nothing. The best thing about being broke is, mercenaries will never pick on you – Brother Love. Mercenaries think money is evil, only when you don’t have any – Reverend love.

A mercenary wants her man to be frugal, except with her – Fast Eddie Love. The mercenary has a baby, which guarantees her a property settlement and monthly allowance – General Love. A golddigger believes the only reason man was born is to dig for her gold – Uncle Jethro Love.

What this book is and is not…

Either you break up, or worse, you get married. And who gets out of the relationship first suffers less. So when you tell me that you went down in flames in your relationships, that indicates to me that you didn’t get rid of these girls – they got rid of you. If you dumped all those women, or 18 out of the 20, then you don’t need my coaching. If there are any gripes about the book at all, it’s that the topics are listed alphabetically (hence the phrase, “Dating Dictionary“). AVAILABLE Read squaw’s footprints – not her lips – Sioux proverb.

Never trash the ex – yours or hers – Fast Eddie Love. In the game of love, things mean different things depending on your gender. If Tom talks about another woman to Caprice, she knows she is being compared to her, when in fact, this is the furthest thing from Tom’s mind. The key is, never talk about or look at another women when you are with Miss Right.