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Taking advantage of a free ticket, he flew to Los Angeles where he immersed himself into the drug and music scene. It was there that he met some of the Manson Family women who introduced him to Manson at the infamous Spahn Ranch. Born on August 23, 1949, in Los Angeles, Leslie Van Houten began using drugs at 15 and ran away from home, only to return briefly to finish high school. Her mother forced her to have an abortion at 17, and she eventually fled to a hippie commune where she found her way to Manson and became a heavy user of LSD and other psychedelic drugs. The suspect, who is awaiting trial, was a member of a neo-Nazi group inspired by individuals including Manson and Hitler.

Now Freeman – a 46 year-old former mixed martial arts fighter from Bradenton, Florida – only has one challenger left in his quest to inherit the mass murderer’s belongings and the potentially lucrative rights to his music, writings and artwork. Charles Manson’s self-proclaimed grandson, Jason Freeman, came a big step closer today to winning a four-year legal battle to claim the notorious killer’s estate which could be worth a fortune. Ed Sanders is a poet, writer and co-founder of the underground rock band the Fugs. For his 1971 book, “The Family,” he embedded himself among several of Charles Manson’s followers. I contacted a CBS reporter who was covering the trial and told him what I knew.

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Long before Manson and his followers found shelter at Spahn Ranch, Grogan was working odd jobs there, where he met ranch hand and stuntman Shea. Manson and his followers would ultimately claim they had killed a total of 35 people and buried their bodies in the desert. As the leader of a messianic cult situated in a desert commune in California, Charles Manson prophesied that a race war was on the horizon and that he and his followers would have to be armed and ready. In fact, he believed it was his duty to usher in the war by ordering his “family members” to go on a killing spree. “Sadly, Manson’s ideas for a race war have survived,” Thompson said.

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She was convicted of the attempted assassination and sentenced to life in prison. The trial ended with Fromme throwing an apple at the face of the prosecuting attorney, knocking off his glasses. By the time the Tate murders occurred, Beausoleil was already in jail for the July 1969 murder of Hinman, whom he stabbed to death on orders by Manson for not paying the latter money he felt he was owed. “During the trial, the media kept coming back because he kept giving them a reason to come back,” added Thompson.

To further complicate matters, Nancy Claassen, who was Manson’s half-sister on his mother’s side, made a probate claim stating that she was the “sole heir at law.” White and his brothers lived with their mother when tragedy struck in 1971. On January 4, it was reported that 11-year-old Jed White was killed by a shotgun blast to his stomach. The youth had been playing with two friends in another home when one of them accidentally fired the shotgun. The death was ruled accidental, and he was said to have died almost instantly (per The Times-Reporter).

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Authorities from Ontario and FBI profilers from the United States joined forces to try and capture the monster responsible, but for more than 5 years they came up empty. Then, cops caught a break, a tip that led them to an unlikely suspect. This group of women were dubbed The Order of the Rainbow and were given colors for names. Lynette Fromme was the most well-known after the 1975 attempted assassination of President Gerald Ford. Dressed in a solid red robe, she gave homage to the color she was given with a new name—Red.

Manson’s share of the royalties was assigned to Bartek Frykowski, the son of Manson victim Voytek Frykowski. D. Considine of The Baltimore Sun noted that the controversy did not hinder the sales of “The Spaghetti Incident?”. The controversy led representatives of Nothing Records to tell Marilyn Manson that the label would not release “My Monkey”, though they later changed their minds and released the song. According to Himes of Paste, Guns N’ Roses’ version does not substantially alter Charles Manson’s original. The song was released as a hidden track on the album and Manson is never mentioned on the album’s packaging. On the album, “Look at Your Game, Girl” begins after twelve seconds of silence following the preceding track, “I Don’t Care About You”.

According to Bugliosi, the LaBiancas were chosen at random after several hours of driving around upscale Los Angeles neighborhoods. After divorcing Willis and getting out of prison, the Manson family head married Candy Stevens or Leona Rae Musser. Rae also had once lied about her pregnancy to sway judge and jury to pardon her killer husband. Just a few days after entering Boys Town, Manson and fellow student Blackie Nielson obtained a gun and stole a car. Manson had his second detainment two weeks later during a nighttime raid on a Peoria store.

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Just how did Manson get to travel around with a girl at just 15? At first, her parents, particularly her Protestant minister father, Dean Moorehouse, objected to the middle-aged convict fraternizing with his young daughter. After Ruth Ann ran away with Manson and Brunner, Dean tracked her down several times, the last of which had Manson giving the elder Moorehouse a hit of acid.

Though Cabaret Voltaire had sampled him a few years earlier, this seems to be the first time Manson’s voice was fully been incorporated into a song – but it wouldn’t be the last. While he was awaiting execution on California’s death row, the California Department of Corrections announced that Alcala had died of natural causes in July 2021. Today, the search for unidentified women in Alcala’s photos continues on. McKinley of The New York Times found Roses’ claim dubious, as Rose thanks “Chas” on the cover. The band considered removing the track from subsequent copies of “The Spaghetti Incident?”.