24 Year Old Guy Dating 30 Year Old Woman

All very interested in having a serious relationship. Me being a gemini and freshly out of a 22 yr marriage is in no hurry for anything serious. The key ladies is having self confidence in yourself.


I contacted four guys through this venue and received no response from any of them. I even went out of my comfort zone a bit to give these guys a chance to just start a conversation. I am comfortable in my own skin and I know I am a quality person. It hurts when nobody gives you a chance.

I know it’s horrible but just so you BBW know and are aware of the intent and stay clean or clear of these users. Most women my age are not sexually attractive, youth, excitability and plump skin is sexy. I can’t go back to having my life back when I have had my chance. The best is to make do of whats available at hand.

I also think where you live plays a big role. I have lived in several areas and their are culture differences. I grew up close to the Canadian boarder in the US and came back years ago.

The world we live in is constantly advertising what makes people happy and successful. It took me a very long time to stop listening to what the outside world was saying that creates happiness and listen to my heart. Your 60 and proud of dating women in their 20’s. These priorities are the wrong way around. Men may not be able to function, and women may not want to function. So if personality is not the main thing in a relationship, the conversation needs to be had, before deciding how the relationship should develop.

Wish you all the best in finding your happily ever after. I’d estimate that 75% of Women age don’t know or even care about their bodies, let alone know or have an interest in Hormone Replacement Therapy. I am a fairly good looking man with my act together, financially stable with 24 years of a successful marriage behind me. I’m still raising a 14 year old son. We’ve joined the BHM Digital family of websites and have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Is it too old for an older woman?

But I have considered widows, so that makes me a bit inconsistent, Lol. Robert…..I am neither selfish nor vain, and I don’t need my day saved. I just really miss intimacy and male companionship. When you meet a good, kind man who has a sense of humor, life can be a lot of fun.

I think he wants more than just friends from our relationship. I’m thinking I should just keep it in the friend zone. I’m just not sure how to tell him why. Been dating for 15 years since my divorce.

(After a while you can spot the “bots” a mile away.) So I created a fake yet detailed female profile to find out what the male competition was like. I counted 208 guys compared to the women I usually found. These age 40+ dating sites – whether geared toward singles or affair-minded marrieds – are little more than sausage factories. Middle-aged men will have better odds standing by the cukes in their grocery store’s produce section. In that case you aren’t in it for love.

I have forgiven much with each of the men I have been with while we were together, but make no mistake. I’d like to get a new relationship, but all of the posts above talk about men who have a good job and are healthy. I can’t keep a job now because if I’m put under stress for any length of time I’m bedridden for weeks until I recover. If I keep the stress fairly low, I can function at a decent level but I’m never going to be climbing mountains ever again. I’m about 20 pounds overweight and would be perfectly happy with a woman who is around the same. I don’t really care about looks that much, never did.

This is a very common problem in age-gap relationships. The most common age gap that is considered to be acceptable and successful is 10 years. People often use the “half-your-age-plus-7 rule” to determine the minimum socially acceptable age they can date — but this doesn’t always work. In what ways are you at different stages? Try to figure out if you want the same things.

Now at almost 53 years old I am totally turned off to the idea of being with anyone again. I would always have preferred not to be alone and single, but my luck with men after my divorce, which was 10 years ago, has not been good. If you lived a lot closer you might be able to convince me that there are still men out there with a decent head on their shoulders who desire something meaningful in their lives.

My mind and emotions flow which tends to alienate me from my fellows. Few can follow the threads of thought. I want a friend who can talk about Sartre to Siddhartha, politics to poetry and yet still weep thedatingpros.com/ and the words of Yeats. Surely there must be such a one, and yet, I may pass into infinity never knowing a mind like mine. Blaming your lack of happiness on women not being like they used to be?

I’m pretty white bread when it comes to sexual practices but my assumption there is a lot to work within the non alternative sex path. I don’t share with no one and I would prefer a partner who is liked minded. Finding a younger male partner I guess isn’t that hard but few would be interested in a long term relationship.